Being a vegan restaurant that fully functions without any animal-based products, we already make a difference in emissions and environmental pollution. 
However, this is not enough. It is much more important to us to spread our ideas and to be a role model for a sustainable corporate culture.

what exactly do we do?

Most of our products come from small local farmers and we support several family businesses. These products cannot just be found in the kitchen, but also at the bar and in our stock of wines.
We try to use natural resources from root to leaf to create as little waste as possible. Plastic packaging is almost fully banished in our restaurant and we support unpacked food.

All of our wines are at least certified organic. In addition to that 90% are produced in Germany. We know many of the wine producers by person and we are in close dialogue with most of them.

Further information about our wines:


At our bar, we stick to local products as well. We prefer to use organic Gin and Whisky from the „Spreewald“ region, and producing components of the drinks ourselves is a big part of our work.
If it is not possible to get high quality products locally, they still have to be organic and fair-trade. This is our rule for all of the spirits and for our coffee.
Even behind the curtains, sustainability is of value. We only use eco-power and cleaning products with eco-labels. Due to our good isolation system, it is possible to reduce the use of the heating during winter. 

What are our goals? / Where are we heading?

There is always room for more! Especially when it comes to sustainability. This is why we reflect ourselves from day to day to improve our behaviour in every section. Therefore we aim for carbon neutrality and are one of the first restaurants in Germany to do so.