Local drinking culture meets modern bar handicraft.
Have a drink and let our bar chef Jannick Stillger and his bar team surprise and inspire you!

Our bar is led by sustainability and regionality as much as the rest of kopps - be it the Berlin Gin or the Spreewald Whisky. Our main focus is to let a product live up to its full potential. Using everything of the cherry tree for a drink, a cocktail that tastes like the forest and that is made with only local products? These are the creations our bar team designed for you to lead you on a culinary adventure that will satisfy you. 
We work with selected products that have to meet our requirements. We make sure that the products are regional or seasonal. Or, for example, support sustainable or social projects and thus provide added value for society.

Cocktail menu

Drink pairing

It is our belief that with every great menu, there has to be a great drink pairing. For that reason, we picked a drink for you for each course, always supporting the dish.
The duet is not only with wine and sparkling wine, it is also a variation of small cocktail creations created by our bar team and perfectly adjusted to the food.

Drink PairingDrink Pairing Sober


We regularly invite producers who will give you insights in their variety of products. 

Our bar team offers tastings for several topics: let them guide you through the world of Gin, Whiskey or Mezcal and degust novelties, classics and extravagant spirits.

Have you ever asked yourself: What do I like in a drink? What are my favourite flavours? Sweet or rather sour? With the help of our bar chef Jannick Stillger you will find your favourite drink and even better: you will learn how to create it yourself! And all that under professional conditions and information about every single component and its purpose in your drink.



Jannick Stillger